Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Wow. I haven't blogged on my food blog for so long.

Poor neglected blog. Well, I also haven't put much on my other blog either.

What kind of excuses can I make? Lots!!! I'm good at excuses and procrastination.

  • I've been busy with work. No really I have.
  • I've been wasting time on line reading blogs and playing on line games. Yes. Really.
  • I've been spending a lot of frustrating time being involved as a Board member on a Community Services District. Don't ever do it. Thankless and frustrating job.
  • My computer crashed and it took a week to get all of my valuable stuff off of the dead computer to the new computer. Talk about panic. I thought I lost my cookbook program and all of the recipies that I had typed in and have procrastinated about printing out. Told you I was good at that.

So while I am attempting to get my act together, I'll try to put some more recipies on the blog and quit fooling around.

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